MODEL 3 "S-Style" T Badge Replacements (Custom Colors)

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Give your MODEL 3 the "MODEL S STYLE" T Badges for an upgraded appearance! 

These "S-Style" T Badges are THICKER than the OEM Model 3 badges, produced in exact size/shapes specific for the MODEL 3. 

Many people have a hard time telling the difference between the Model 3 and S, however the OEM badges are one noticeable difference. The Model S has substantially thicker OEM badges, opposed to the THIN profile OEM badges on the Model 3. Now Model 3 owners can choose between THIN "OEM SPEC" T badge replacements or these THICKER "Model S Style" badges! 


Made of high quality solid METAL


Each badge comes with pre-affixed genuine 3M brand adhesive covering the entire backside of the badge for an easy, secure fitment to last the life of the vehicle. 


2pc Badge design (upper + lower) includes high quality foam placement template to ensure proper spacing. 


These "T" Badges for your Model 3 are available in many custom colors!  

1.) Satin Matte Black 

2.) Glossy Black 

3.) Black-Chrome Plated 



6.) Metallic Green 

7.) Color-Shifting (Purple / Green) 


***(contact for custom colors)***


Includes detailed / pictured emblem removal / installation instructions as well! 


LIMITED EDITION, buy now while supplies last! 


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