THE BRZ BADGE (100+ Colors)

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100+ Color combinations!  

NEW DESIGN! Metal edge Loden badge now available in 5 colors (Chrome Plated, Black-Chrome Plated, Gold-Plated, Gloss White and Matte Black)

Tons of color combinations to choose from using the menu options above. 

BE UNIQUE! Your BRZ is fun to drive and fun to look at, but your standard-issue stars are putting everyone to sleep... give your BRZ a POP of color where it's most noticeable and rep the "BRZ" logo to stand-out from the crowd! 

Choose YOUR color combination using the MENU options above. 

Choose between FRONTREAR or 2pc SET


Includes LODEN's industry leading 3yr all weather limited warranty against cracking, peeling, chipping or fading. 


LIMITED EDITION, get yours while supplies last!

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