ANZU T-Wing Badges for Ford Models (6 Colors)

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ANZU-T, The official LODEN Wing for Ford models (Overlay version) 

Premium Quality, Solid Metal, 3D Detailed Design. Backed by Loden's 3yr all weather warranty. Rust Proof.

Applies OVER your existing FORD OEM Badges, no need to remove. Includes a special 3pc stainless steel insert set which conceals the FORD lettering for a natural full replacement badge appearance. NOTE: Full replacement badge version also available, see full replacement listing). 

SIZE: 155mm x 50mm

Available in a variety of versions and colors:

1.) Chrome-Plated
2.) Black-Chrome Plated
3.) Chrome/Red
4.) Gunmetal (gray) 
5.) Matte Black (not shown)
6.) Black-Chrome Wing / Chrome "T"


1.) Chrome 

2.) Matte Black

NOTE: Gold shown has been discontinued 


The Loden ANZU-T badge provides an exotic, luxury vehicle appearance for your FORD model. 

**Can also be provided for various other FORD year/models, contact us if interested

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