All emblems offered on our website include a minimum 1yr manufacturer limited warranty.

LODEN brand polished or brushed stainless steel emblems include an industry leading 5yr limited warranty*** All other LODEN brand emblems include a 3yr manufacturer limited warranty. 

Custom painted or coated emblems include a 1yr warranty. 

Replacement shipment cost is required for replacements of installed emblems, under any circumstances. Replacement shipment cost is not required for uninstalled emblems (ie: claims reported prior to installation) however in this case the customer must first return the unused emblems to receive new/replacement product. In some cases replacement components will be supplied in lieu of full replacement product. 

Note, it is the customers responsibility to properly prepare the surface of the vehicle prior to installation of the new emblems. The pre-affixed 3M adhesive used on our emblems is high-grade automotive strength, guaranteed to never loosen or fall-off the vehicle. Therefore, if an emblem received ever falls-off it is certainly due to improper preparation and/or improper installation temperature. Please carefully review our installation guides section for the proper installation procedures: https://www.emblemsonly.com/installation-guides/ By purchasing / using any product offered on this website the user assumes full responsibility for the use of the product, proper installation and aftercare of the product. Any adverse effects or harm caused to any person or property as a result of  the installation and/or use of any product offered on this website is solely the responsibility of the user. 

***LODEN 3yr or 5yr limited warranty covers all claims pertaining to quality/workmanship as well as common weather related emblem issues such as flaking, peeling and discoloration. Warranties are applicable for end users against normal wear and tear only. The only exception is excessively cold/snowy climates in which the vehicle is consistently subjected to direct snow pile-up and/or direct and repeated contact with the excessively cold elements. It is the customers responsibility to protect their vehicle from direct cold/snow contact, not taking harsh elements into consideration is deemed as negligent and may void the warranty depending upon the specific circumstances. In some rare cases (depending upon the claim) the customer may be required to remove/return the defective emblem for the manufacturers inspection prior to a replacement being issued. 

We firmly stand-by the quality and integrity of every emblem offered.