LODEN Emblem Surface Preparation Kit

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LODEN Emblem Installation Kit.

Contains all needed items post removal of OEM badges to properly prep the surface of your vehicle for your new badges. Also includes detailed/pictured emblem removal / installation instructions. 

Installation Kit Includes:

1.) 5ml Adhesive Remover

2.) Plastic Razor Blade

3.) LODEN Plush Microfiber Cleaning Towel

4.) Primer Adhesion Promoter

5.) LODEN Ultrafine Emblem Polishing Cloth

6.) Emblem Removal / Installation Instructions 

***This unique "Installation" Kit ensures the surface of your vehicle is prepped properly for maximum adhesion. Also, 
the special Polishing Cloth is made specifically to care for the surface of your new LODEN brand emblems, never causing fine lines or scratches 
left by standard terry or microfiber towels. This kit does NOT include an emblem removal tool (Deluxe Removal/Installation Kit coming soon)

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