LODEN "T" Logo Replacement Badges for Toyota Models (Various Sizes / Colors)

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~NEW~ LODEN "T" Logo Replacement Badges for Toyota models! 

Give your Toyota a fresh new appearance with the LODEN "T" Logo Badges. These replacement emblems will give your Toyota an exotic new look that will have others wondering what brand car you're driving! 

Available in the following oval badge sizes: 

1.) 100mm x 69mm FRS Rear 3.93" x 2.71"
2.) 110mm x 75mm FRS Front 4.33" x 2.95"
3.) 120mm x 82mm 17+ Front 4.72" x 3.22"
4.) 130mm x 90mm 5.11" x 3.54"
5.) 140mm x 96mm 5.51" x 3.77"
6.) 150mm x 100mm 5.90" x 3.93"
7.) 160mm x 110mm 6.29" x 4.33"


LODEN "T" Logo Size: 5" x 2" (scale / appearance relative to the oval badge size per product photo's) 


Oval Base Emblem Colors: 

1.) Gloss Black 

2,) Satin Matte Black 

3.) Silver

4.) White

"T" Logo Colors: 

1.) Satin Matte Black 

2.) Black Chrome Plated 

3.) Chrome Plated 

4.) Metallic Black 

5.) Gunmetal Gray

6.) Gloss Red 

7.) Metallic Cherry Red

8.) Silver


Choose your desired color combination along with needed size(s) using the drop-down menu's above! 


LIMITED EDITION! Pick up a set for your Toyota while supplies last 


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