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The wait if OVER! "THE" STINGER BADGE has arrived. 

Select Front Only, Rear Only or Complete Front/Rear Set 

Limited Edition, buy now before their gone! 

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Gorgeous but needs to be better sealed

Posted by Gina Ferraro on Feb 17th 2020
I put this badge on my white Kia Stinger early 2019 and LOVED it!!! It was so much nicer than I anticipated. But....not quite 12 months later the top cover is dirty from the INSIDE. The badge was unfortunately poorly sealed against weather and dirt (which I would have expected it to be seeing how it is going on the outside of a car). Am ordering another which is proving costly (almost $100 to purchase and ship as I am in Australia) and I will get the mechanic to seal it when he fits it to my bonnet. I hope it doesn't happen again as this badge is awesome.
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