"E" Logo 3 Line Replacement Badge Front/Rear (Various Colors)

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 "E" Logo 3-Line Replacement Badge for Front / Rear application

Includes 3 pieces. High quality, rust proof METAL construction. Installs easily and securely with pre-installed 3M adhesive covering the entire backside.

SIZE: 3.50 inches length, 2.75" installed height

PRICE REFLECTS (1) 3pc Emblem Set w/ foam installation template for either FRONT or REAR installation. Full removal of the OEM "T" badge required. 

Pictured removal/installation manual included! 

Available in various colors using the drop-down menu above! 

SUPER LIMITED QTY, purchase quickly before their GONE!






1.) Satin Matte Black- *Best Seller* Semi-Gloss Finish


2.) Metallic Black- Shiny Metallic Flake, Gloss Clear Coat


3.) Stealth Black- Combination of Gloss Black/Dark Gray and Olive Black, Semi-Gloss Sheen


4.) Black Chrome Plated- (Yes, actually plated... not painted)


5.) Glossy Black- Deep Gloss Black, perfect for matching existing gloss black factory trims


6.) Gunmetal Gray- Gloss Finish (Can be special ordered in matte finish upon request)


7.) Satin Silver- Flat, Semi-Gloss Finish


8.) Quicksilver- Vibrant, high gloss Silver


9.) Gloss White- Bright white, high gloss finish


10.) Matte White- Warm white, Satin Matte Finish


11.) Army Green- Satin Matte Finish


12.) Gloss Red- Flat, Bright Red with gloss finish


13.) Matte Red- Satin Matte Red finish (Can be special ordered in ultra dull matte finish upon request)


14.) Bright Cherry Red- Eye-catching metallic flake bright red, high gloss finish


15.) Midnight Cherry Red- Shiny, Semi-metallic red with deep, dark undertones


16.) Metallic Green- Ultra vibrant metallic green, gloss finish


17.) Color-Changing- Purple or Green depending upon the lighting or angle, gloss finish


18.) French Blue- Not dark, not light... just right with a gloss finish (Can be special ordered in matte finish upon request)


19.) Deep Blue- Ultra dark blue, almost black (some have mistaken for black when not in direct sunlight)


20.) Sky-Blue- Anodized aluminum, Semi-Gloss finish


21.) Bright Yellow- Vibrant, bright yellow, gloss finish


22.) Warm Yellow- Combination of Bright Yellow w/ slight orange undertones, gloss finish


23.) Metallic Gold- Rich gold, slightly metallic, Semi-gloss finish


24.) Champagne Gold- Light anodized gold sheen, Semi-gloss finish


25.) Purple- Flat gloss


26.) Metallic Purple- Ultra vibrant metallic purple with gloss finish


27.) Soft Pink- Baby pink with gloss finish


28.) Soft Pink- Baby pink with Satin Matte finish


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